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Take some time for yourself

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🍵 Find yourself for a moment

🍵 2.1oz = 30 cups, you will use 50% less than your other infusions

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🥕 Yuka score: 90/100

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Take time for yourself 🧘 ♂️

Looking for a moment of inner peace, a moment to reconnect with yourself. You've heard about this well-being tea with chamomile and apricot. You decide to give it a try and try this drink that promises to envelop you in comforting sweetness and warmth.

You open the tea bag and smell the sweet, fruity aroma spreading in the air like a delicate caress that envelops you. You dip the bag in hot water and watch the leaves unfold and mix with the water like graceful dancers.

You bring the cup to your lips and taste the first sip. You immediately feel a sensation of sweetness and comfort that reminds you of the hugs of your childhood. The flavors of chamomile and apricot blend delicately in your mouth, creating a unique sensory experience that transports you to a world of serenity.

You close your eyes and feel a wave of relaxation run through your body, as if you were lying on a cloud far from your worries. You feel your muscles relax and your mind calm, like in a warm bath that soothes your tensions.

You continue to drink your well-being tea slowly, savoring each sip as if it were a drop of honey falling into your mouth. You feel the warmth of the cup between your hands and you are grateful for this moment of calm that allows you to refocus on yourself.

Finally, you finish your tea and you feel refreshed and revitalized, as if you had walked through a garden of fragrant flowers. You know that you will come back to this tea every time you need a moment of peace and tranquility, as if you had found an oasis of peace in your busy day.

🍵 Unflavored tea

✅ Natural flavors, to preserve your health
✅ Rich in flavor, for a premium experience
✅ Rich in whole fruits, 2x more than in your other infusions and those of your friends
🌍 Eco-score: A - 90/100

MysteryTea®, with ❤️ in France!

Heat water to 100 °C/ 212 °F

Dose the creation at 15 g/L and infuse for 7 minutes.

This creation can be drinked Hot only

We put the best ingredients in this creation! Here they are:

Lemongrass, apple, ginger, chamomile, black pepper, cinnamon sticks, rose petals, apricot, cornflower blossoms.

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Why is it delicious?

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon

  • Apricot

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