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Watermelon Mint

Watermelon meets mint

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🍵 A boost of freshness in your busy day

🍵 2.1oz = 30 cups, you will use 50% less than your other infusions

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🥕 Yuka score: 90/100

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A breath of fresh air in your day 🍉

From the first sip, you are transported to a sunny summer day. The watermelon flakes floating in your cup have been prepared with technical prowess, and their sweetness is immediately perceptible. As you inhale the fresh scent of mint, you are transported to a cool and fragrant garden, where the sun shines on your face.

With another sip, you feel a shiver of freshness that reminds you of the morning breeze. The flavors of watermelon and mint merge in a harmonious dance, as if nature had decided to bring them together into one drink for you. The sweet flavor of watermelon is balanced by the freshness of mint, creating a perfect balance for your palate.

As you slowly sip your infusion, you feel refreshed and revitalized, as if you have just woken up after a good night's sleep. Each sip reminds you of the summer morning breeze in the park near your home.

Whether you drink your watermelon-mint infusion hot or cold, you are sure to feel the same refreshing and uplifting sensations. It's a drink that reminds you of the best things in life and transports you to moments of simple and pure happiness.

🍵 Watermelon Mint Flavored Infusion

✅ Real watermelon flakes for a unique flavor
✅ Rich in flavor, for a premium experience
✅ Rich in whole fruit, 2x more than your other infusions and those of your friends
🌍 Ecoscore: A - 88/100

MysteryTea®, with ❤️ in France!

Heat water to 100 °C/ 212 °F

Dose the creation at 15 g/L and infuse for 7 minutes.

This creation can be drinked Hot or iced

We put the best ingredients in this creation! Here they are:

Apple pieces, honeydew melon cubes (honeydew melon, sugar), hibiscus flowers, elderberries, peppermint, flavoring, watermelon flakes, rosehip rind, whole peppermint.

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Why is it delicious?

  • Watermelon

  • Melon

  • Mint

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