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Hot chocolate

Real (hot) coconut chocolate

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🍵 The sweetness of hot chocolate, the calories of tea

🍵 2.1oz = 30 cups, you will use 50% less than your other infusions

🍵 Free delivery from 50$, your pleasure can't wait!

🥕 Yuka score: 84/100

😱 Delicious or money back guarantee!

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Melting chocolate chips, in a tea 🍫

You delicately hold the steaming cup of black tea with chocolate and coconut between your hands, like a precious treasure that you don't want to let go. You take a deep breath of the sweet aroma that emanates from it, and you are surrounded by a cloud of sweetness.

You take a sip of this sweet-smelling tea like caramel. The hot and sweet liquid flows into your mouth, enveloping your tongue and taste buds like a velvet bath.

The rich flavors of dark chocolate and coconut intertwine in your mouth, and you feel each ingredient dancing on your taste buds. The dark chocolate is intense and deep, reminiscent of the rich flavors of a gourmet hot chocolate that only the best restaurants could serve you. The coconut is sweet and creamy, it's a gentle caress that envelops you, like on a paradise beach.

The tea is thick and velvety, it's a cozy blanket that wraps around you, as if you were at home on a soft couch. The flavors are rich and complex, like a symphony of flavors dancing on your tongue, like a classical music concert. You can feel the silky texture of the liquid flowing over your tongue and palate.

You feel the soothing warmth of the tea spreading throughout your body, warming every fiber of your being, as if you were locked in a bubble of happiness. It's like every sip is a warm and comforting hug, as if you were surrounded by your loved ones.

🍵 Black Tea with Chocolate and Coconut Flavor

✅ Residue-free flavors, to preserve your health
✅ Rich in flavor, for a premium experience
✅ Rich in chocolate and whole fruits, 2x more than in your other infusions and those of your friends
🌍 Ecoscore: A - 87/100

MysteryTea®, with ❤️ in France!

Heat water to 100 °C/ 212 °F

Dose the creation at 12 g/L and infuse for 4 minutes.

This creation can be drinked Hot only

We put the best ingredients in this creation! Here they are:

Assam black tea (South India), chocolate chips (sugar, ground cocoa beans with cocoa butter, cocoa powder, emulsifier: soya lecithin), white chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, dextrose, emulsifier: soya lecithin), crushed cocoa pieces, coconut flakes, flavoring.

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Why is it delicious?

  • Chocolate

  • White chocolate

  • Coconut

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