The story of MysteryTea

It all started with a trip

After a 3-week trip to Marrakech, Florent, aged 18, discovered the local tea culture. Back in Lille, and after having tested several local tea houses, he decides to embark on the adventure, without any bank wanting to support him in what they consider to be a crazy project.

Discovery boxes, then a classic catalog

Know it: the discovery box trade is beyond us. Today's brands have free tea to put in their boxes, and spend all of the sales money on visualization and marketing. No penny from the purchase of your box goes to the tea suppliers. Obviously, it is a very profitable business model for them, but with which it is difficult to compete when you produce the tea yourself for your own discovery boxes.

So we threw in the towel in 2018 and focused on what we do best: good tea. We leave the beautiful boxes to those who have only that to pay.

Offer a job to your mother

In addition to being super local, MysteryTea® is also a family affair. All the creations of the website are packed by Christine, mom of the CEO. She spends all her days preparing the best for you, and thrives in her work, which was the primary goal. Do not hesitate to say hello to him, it will make him very happy!