Infusions and herbal teas

Questions ?

Are the ingredients natural?

The vast majority of our creations are made from 100% natural ingredients, including the flavors that compose them.

We source ingredients from all over the world to always find the highest quality with the best respect for human lives, while maintaining reasonable costs to allow you to taste ultra gourmet teas and infusions without breaking the bank.

Are your teas suitable for children and pregnant women?

For children, try to avoid teas of all kinds (green, white and especially black) as much as possible. With their theine and caffeine content, they can over-excite them more than they already are.

Absolutely avoid mate.

Prefer rooibos, infusions and herbal teas, which have the added advantage of having flavors that appeal more to children.

Also favor cold infusions, which are the most popular with children because they are not far from their usual drinks in terms of sensation. Sweeten as needed, prefer stevia.

For pregnant women? It's all the same!

What is the difference between herbal tea and infusion?

An infusion is mainly composed of fruits, where a herbal tea is mainly composed of plants.

The differences stop there!

In both cases, there is no caffeine or theine. And in view of their similarities, we have united them under the same category.

I have questions about delivery

We ship your bags in a flexible pouch or in cardboard depending on the number of products.

Your order is ready to go less than 24 hours after ordering.

We ship by Mondial Relay, Colissimo and UPS.

Mondial Relay delivery is free from €35 (otherwise charged €3.50) - Delivery in 4 to 8 days.
=> During the sales period, relay points are often saturated. Your package may be diverted to another free relay point.

Colissimo delivery is free from €50 (otherwise charged €5.90) ​​- Delivery in 48 hours

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