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Delicious apple and banana pancakes

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🍵 Satisfy your cravings without sugar or calories

🍵 2.1oz = 30 cups, you will use 50% less than your other infusions

🍵 Free delivery from 50$, your pleasure can't wait!

🥕 Yuka score: 90/100

😱 Delicious or money back guarantee!

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Back to childhood 👦🏻

As soon as you open the sachet, you're overwhelmed by a delicious scent that makes your mouth water. You pour hot water over the tea and let it steep for a few minutes. You observe the golden color of the liquid that forms in your cup. You smell the aromas that emanate from it. You notice the sweetness of the crepe, the crunchiness of the apple, and the roundness of the banana.

You bring the cup to your lips and take a sip. You're surprised by the freshness of the green tea that contrasts with the warmth of the drink. You appreciate the sweet and slightly tangy taste that invades your palate. You feel like you're biting into a soft crepe filled with melting pieces of apple and creamy slices of banana. You continue to drink your tea with your eyes closed. You remember Sunday mornings when your mother would make pancakes for breakfast. You loved spreading them with jam, honey, or chocolate. You rolled them up or folded them in four. You devoured them with gusto while laughing with your family.

You finish your cup and you feel good.

You've found your smile and joy for life again. You've traveled back in time, but also into the present, because this tea is also good for your health. It's rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. It helps you stay hydrated, relax, and enjoy yourself.

🍵 Green Tea Apple Banana Crepe flavoured

✅ Natural flavors, to preserve your health
✅ Rich in flavor, for a premium experience
✅ Rich in whole fruits, 2x more than in your other infusions and those of your friends
🌍 Ecoscore: A - 87/100

MysteryTea®, with ❤️ in France!

Heat water to 80 °C/ 175 °F

Dose the creation at 12 g/L and infuse for 2 minutes.

This creation can be drinked Hot only

We put the best ingredients in this creation! Here they are:

China Sencha green tea, apple (21%), date (date, rice flour), cinnamon stick, banana (banana, coconut oil, cane sugar, honey) (10%), natural flavor, marigold flowers, China Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

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Why is it delicious?

  • Green tea

  • Date

  • Banana

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