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The best mates in Strasbourg

With all the shops in town, it's hard to make a choice to find a really good mate. What if the answer lies elsewhere?

The benefits of mate

Mate is made from the leaves of a tree called yerba mate. It is for this reason that it tastes very different from other plants. It usually has a very strong aroma because the leaves are often dried before being infused. Flavor can be attributed to factors such as the traditional method of cooking, local variations in climate, soil condition and altitude. Mate was first introduced to Europeans by Jesuit missionaries who learned it from the Guarani, a people of present-day Paraguay, but at the time, Paraguay belonged to Spain.

Mate is a plant that produces a drink that can have many benefits, including weight loss, increased energy levels, and improved dental health.

The best mate in Strasbourg

To find the best mate in town, you have to go online. MysteryTea® offers only 4 maté references, preferring quality to quantity. 3 of these creations are organic, and all are blended with other ingredients to provide super cool blends to enjoy.

From blueberry to mango, through grapefruit or lemon, there is Mates for all tastes available here .

A lot of novice customers or those who have tried plain or inferior mate have been won over by the brand's creations and swear by them. Try them, there are often promotions running in addition ✌️

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