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The ultimate guide to tea storage

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is also a drink that can be stored for long periods of time and used to prepare different types of drinks. But how to keep it? Read this ultimate guide to tea storage to find out!

What is the best way to store tea?

You can also store the tea by placing it in an airtight container with a lid on top. Some people say keep the container in the fridge, but it could make your tea taste bad. Others prefer to store their tea on the counter rather than in a refrigerator or freezer, as these places are cold and dry. If you store your tea near other strong-smelling foods, such as garlic or onions, the taste of your tea will also be altered!

Yeasts, molds and bacteria: what are they and how do you prevent them from growing on your tea leaves?

If you eat a lot of sugar and processed foods, you may be more prone to bacteria buildup. Yeasts and molds are not usually found on tea, but they can grow if the air is humid and the humidity is high. When these things grow on your tea leaves, it's hard to tell if they're inside or outside the leaf bag. One way to tell is if you smell a musty or yeasty smell coming from your tea - this usually means there is yeast or mold inside the bag.

The best way to avoid these issues is to keep your environment as dry as possible and store your tea in an airtight container with a lid on top.

How do you know if the seal on an unopened bag of dried loose leaf tea is still intact?

Some say you can check if the seal is still intact on an unopened dried leaf tea bag by looking for an indentation on the top of the bag. If there is, the seal may not be broken. If there is no indentation, or only a small one, it may mean that the seal has been tampered with. You can also just open the bag and look inside. If the inside is dry as it should be, you know the seal hasn't been broken.

If you buy a product in bulk, like a box of tea bags, be sure to store them in an airtight container with a lid to prevent them from going stale.

At MysteryTea®, we seal each pack 3 times in different places to triple the impact resistance, so you should have no problem!


If you're looking for the best way to store tea, it's important that you consider where in your home or office will be most effective. Some people prefer to keep their tea on a counter and others want to refrigerate or freeze it. If you're concerned about bacteria growth from foods, such as sugar and processed foods, consider storing them away from foodstuffs by using an airtight container with a sealable lid. You can also use this same strategy if you buy bulk boxes of dried loose leaf tea bags so they stay fresh longer without spoiling! MysteryTea® bags all have a reformable zip, allowing your tea leaves to be protected for a long time!

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